mercredi 29 août 2007

Welcome in the world of Entourage tv. show

Entourage ( Introduction)

Hi! this is the first time to create a blog . I'd this for a English project. I would like to introduce you to a really good tv show name: Entourage.

Entourage is a show for teneager and for young adult but the person who told me the first about Entourage is my step father! He influenced my choice for this TV. Show. I made a really good choice because I enjoy seeing it because Entourage is so funny.

The Entourage characters live in Los Angeles: Hollywood. The show is the story of Vince (main character) who is trying to start his career of acting in movies.

Vince has everything be a Hollywood star: he is cute, and he has a good « entourage» who help him with his new career. The movie Head on his the first movie of Vince. This is a success and his career started rapidly. Be a Hollywood stars is something new for Vince. When he was child he lived in Queens in New-York.

I hope to learn more about this tv. Show.

This TV show is a TV guy’s show because it's a story about five guys: no girls are main characters. For 30 minutes I can see how the guys are when he was in group!
This project was very useful for me because I learned new expressions and I am therefore now able to watch new TV shows. I learned how to create a blog and this experience was very interesting. I discovered that I was good in creating things. I recommend this TV show to other students because it is funny and you never stop laughing. Girls can learn about boys’ mind, how they reason and think. There is a DVD series of this TV show and I think that it would be a good idea for a Christmas gift!

If you choose this TV show for a project, you need to know that the characters talk really fast and that it is sometimes hard to understand. Moreover, they use expressions that Francophones are not familiar with, but this is how you can learn what is cool to say.